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1. This article has been informative and helpful. It opens my thinking to more scientific approaches to training racehorses.

2. I am a:
  (Check all that apply)

3. I have been in the horse racing business...
1 - 10 years
10 - 20 years
20 - 30 years
30 - 40 years
more than 40 years

4. Presently my horse racing activity is
Full Time
Part Time
Primary Income Source

5. Presently how many horses do you own or have in training?

6. Have you ever used a resistance cart, also known as pressure or power carts?
I own one

7. What is your opinion about resistance conditioning?
I want to start using a resistance cart
I want to know how to integrate the Resistance Cart into my training program.
They have little or no value (Please explain below)
They are not afforable enough

8. Have you ever used heart monitors while training horses?
I own horse heart monitors

9. What is your opinion about horse heart monitors?
I want to start using horse heart monitors
I like the idea but still need more information on the usefulness
They take too much time to set up
They are too expensive
The information is too complicated to understand.
They are inconsistent

10. If using horse heart monitors is of interest, storing and reviewing exercise data is not essential but valuable, please tell us about your computer comfort level.
Very limited
I need help with many programs
I can navigate most programs
Very Literate

11. I have people in my operation or family to help me with using my computer.

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12. Horse exercise physiology is very similar to human exercise physiology.
13. I have interest in feeding better quality protein to my horses as long as tying-up is not an issue.
14. I have interest in feeding high carbohydrates or other glycogen loading products to my horses.

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